First Day in India

My first trip to India just started. So far so good but I have to lament, going economy class on all the flight(s) was tough. The first flight was from L.A. to Frankfurt, Germany and took around 11 hours. Turns out the Frankfurt airport is quite large so it took a good 30 minutes to walk from one side to the other. On the way around to my next terminal I snapped a photo of the rainy weather:

I was a little hungry after the long flight and there didn’t seem like very many option so I got a Big Mac from McDonald’s. Turns out they are just as bad in Germany as in the US but it wasn’t enough to stop me from scarfing it down. Next stop was to a convenience store in the airport to grab some snacks for the next leg of my trip and I was startled to see a few new Red Bull versions I’d never seen:

Looks like they are called “The Red Edition”, “The Silver Edition” and “The Blue Edition”. From this Time’s article it looks like each has a different flavor. I’ll have to pick a few up on my way home.

From L.A. to Frankfurt, in the 11 hour journey I was too busy to sleep thanks for some writing and movie watching (The Amazing Spider-man)  so for my next flight from Frankfurt to Mumbai I decided sleeping was a good idea. The second flight was around 7 hours long, I don’t remember taking off but I do remember waking up just in time for dinner. After dinner I started watching Rock of Ages and before the movie was over we were landing in Mumbai.

I arrived yesterday to the Mumbai Airport around 2am IST, grabbed my bags (apparently they don’t transfer bags past that point), took a bus to the domestic terminal where I waited until my final 9:45am flight to Pune. I was greeted with this sign on my entrance to the airport:

I sat in the domestic terminal with all my bags watching movies on my iPad until the time arrived to board my Jet Airways plane to Pune. It was a little surprising how few shops the Mumbai airport had. There were still a ton of people walking around at 2am and things got a little excited when a small fire that broke out in a corner of the airport but I basically sat in a chair until I could check my bags and proceed to my gate.

I arrived at the airport in Pune around 11am IST and got a ride courtesy of my hotel, The Westin Pune Koregaon Park. As the car pulled up to the hotel it was searched for bombs, as I got out of the car my bags were scanned and I was given a metal detector scan (TSA style). Once I got past both of the security checkpoints I was welcomed into the lobby, a concierge was standing by to walk me up to my room, show me around, give me my keys and answer any questions. Such great service!

Once I was all checked in it was time to shower, change, get some food and head to work. Then home to pass out.