From Pune Koregoan Park to Panshet Dam

Last Saturday my coworker Neetal took me on a road trip from the Westin Hotel in Pune Koregoan Park (technically we met at work in Magarapatta City) to the Panshet Dam some two hours away. It seemed like a great chance to more of Pune and India – more than my regular trip from Hotel to work – and a good chance to take photos.

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The first thing I noticed about Pune was the variety of the passengers on the road – trucks, tractors  buses, small cars, thousands of motorcycles, people on bicycles and walking. Plus the live stock:

You might be able to see the reflection of our car’s dashboard a little in this photo – we had to roll up the windows in the car as we waited for the “traffic” to clear; if we hadn’t the bulls would have come up and put their heads through the window. Neetal (my coworker) said he’d had it happen before and it wasn’t pleasant when the bull got a horn stuck in his door frame. Good times.

We drove from here through downtown Pune (I didn’t get any photos of the city on the way out of town) and eventually came upon Khadakwasta Dam before we stopped for a photo:

We proceeded past some place called the “Defense Institute of Advanced Technology”, saw some very large bulls in a small town, shared the road with farmers and other drivers, before getting to Panshet Dam.

Our final destination wasn’t the dam but to one of the boating facilities where we could grab food / snacks and go out on the lake. According to Neetal it was a typical trip for IT workers to make on weekends (IT workers tend to be well paid compared to the general public and can afford to make the trip) to get away from the massive number of people and chaos the city has.

We stayed for an hour or two, getting some chai tea and a bite to eat. Then we took one of the paddle boats on in the water for a little relaxation. The return trip to Pune city and more photos to come!