Returning to Pune

I was feeling better on the return trip to Pune from Pansheet Dam. My stomach gets unsettled with lots continuous of movement, which unfortunately makes me susceptible to sea and car sickness – especially on India’s bad roads. Luckily the few hours at Pansheet Damn, riding the boats, and some chai tea with a bit of food made me sane again.

On our return trip Neetal felt like getting something to drink and offer me a chance to try some coconut water. I’m not a fan of the kind found in stores but I have to say it was pretty refreshing:

As we headed into downtown Pune I started to see street lights, street signs and lanes marked on the road – something Koregoan Park didn’t have. The layout of downtown starts to become a little more familiar with lots of traffic, advertisements and billboards everywhere and the occasional statue:

We headed to a hotel (restaurant) for lunch. I believe the dish is called a Maharashtra rice plate – but don’t quote me on it. As we drove by some of the shops and into the busier parts of the city we ran into some amazingly slow traffic. Since I’d gotten into Pune all the drivers could talk about was the traffic. Coming from the outside it didn’t really seem that bad, especially with living in Los Angeles and getting stuck on the 405. Then Neetal and I hit traffic and with little to no A\C I began to feel the heat:

I managed to capture some video on my iPhone just in case you wanted to feel like you were there:

It took about an hour to get out of the traffic and from downtown we headed back towards my Lodge (aka Hotel) at the Westin. But before we could go back to the Westin I “needed” to shop for some gifts to take back. The first mall we went to was kind of crappy so we headed over to a Western/European-style mall called KoreGaoan Park Plaza. They had their Diwali decorations showing:

When I got time I posted the photos I took to Flickr. Check them out: Pune, India (set).