Masters in Software Engineering

I’ve considered going back to school many times:

  • To get an MBA – not sure why / how that would help
  • To get a dual MBA / MSEE – then I would be a real engineer + the business degree which might make me more of the “managerial type”

I’m not opposed to getting a masters degree if it’s done for the right reasons, of which I don’t consider marketing to be a good reason. By marketing I mean to make myself more marketable to those who only look at paper credentials and not actual skill. I kind of hold to the Silicon Valley view of MBAs when valuing startups, which says, sum the value of every employee and subtract from that ½ the value of employees with MBAs. Basically employees with MBAs are half as valuable as those without them. It may be a joke but theres some truth to how much you can learn about running a business in a degree program.

At this point in my life I can think of getting one type of masters degree: a masters in software engineering but only if it had a concentration in Software Testing. Naturally the one place I’d enjoy enrolling (because of its notable teacher) is Florida Institute of Technology. Unfortunately they don’t offer a remote / online degree so I’m out of luck unless I want to move. If I did a Masters in Software Engineering I would be working in a field that I enjoy and learning about software testing at the same time – from a world recognized expert at an institution which offers some of the only degree tracks in software testing.

Maybe some day I’ll move to Florida. Maybe some day FIT will offer the degree online. Maybe some day other institutions will get on board with a degree track in software testing that is more than just fluff? In the meantime I’ll search around for other ways to spend my money learning about software testing.