“The Girl”

After my post on It’s Always Sunny, family and friends kept asking why I referred to my significant other as “the girl”. I posted a few photos of us so why wouldn’t I use her real name?

Two reasons: I’m protective and she has Anonymity.

This is my blog which means I’m willingly publishing information for everyone to see (for my public posts) and criticize. At this time of this writing the girl doesn’t have a presence online and I’d rather not be the one to create it. When / if she does I’d be more than happy to refer to her but until that time I’ll continue to be a little protective.

If you search for her name on Google you won’t find anything. If you search for me you might find her (a picture or two) but I don’t feel the need to add to her public identity; I’d rather help her keep her anonymity. =)