Ready for the Philippines

In less than two weeks the girl and I leave for our long trip to the Philippines. I’m excited to go and it doesn’t bother me that I don’t  know much about what we’ll be doing, aside from visiting her family, traveling and scuba diving. The only concrete plans we have right now are the flights – not bad right? I’m pretty much relying on the girl to get us around (I’ll need to buy a map or two) and not get lost (probably going to happen) but with places / beaches like this I not worried:


Just get me to a beach with some scuba gear and I’ll be happy. The girl knows I need to dive while we’re here and so one of the diving destinations we are considering is Palawan – based on her knowledge of the area and other diver’s recommendations. After Palawan maybe a mid-week flight to Hong Kong, Bali, or Singapore. Once we are on that side of the world we are so close to so many cool destinations. I wonder what I should pack? =)