Hanging Bicycle Rack

Both the girl’s and my bikes were being stored on the floor against the wall inside my apartment because the one storage area I have is filled with scuba gear, tools and other “storage items”. Here’s how they were stored:


I kept thinking I was wasting valuable floor space. Although the picture doesn’t show both bikes, combined they take up quite a bit of ground. What I needed was some way to stack or hang the bikes in an out of the way place. But how to do that?

Using the small space behind my door would put it out of mine and the guests view but I’d need to stand both bikes upwards to utilize the space more wisely. After searching online for bike stands I wasn’t seeing anything that would allow me to hang bikes – only to stack them. Then I got an idea. We had an old 7′ telecom rack that hasn’t been used in 6+ years at work in storage with a base and width just perfect for the area behind my door (see the photo above).

I took the rack and added two large hooks (called S-Binder) I found for $10/each at Home Depot for holding the bicycles by their tires.

The S-Binder clip had springs that closed on both sides but that would only make it harder to hang the tires so I removed them. They each hold 100 pounds which should be more than enough for a road bike.

To make it easier to get to the bikes I put a small rug underneath (I have fake wood flooring in that area) so now I can slide the rack around without scratching anything.


I now have a Hanging Bike Rack that’s slides A fun little do-it-yourself hanging bike rack that cost me less than $25 – thanks to a rack no one wanted. If you are interested in building your own I’ve seen old telecom racks being given away on Craigslist for free.