Oil Rigs and my E-PM1 camera

I took my new Olympus E-PM1 underwater camera on what was my first fun boat dive of 2013 (as an instructor I don’t count student boat dives). The photo doesn’t look like much but it’s quite a step up from my SeaLife DC1200. I’ve only got one strobe hooked up at this point but I could definitely see adding another once I get a little more practice in. Maybe even a video light?

The first dive was on the Pacific Star out to a wreck called the Olympic somewhere outside San Pedro harbor (maybe a 30min boat ride from the doc). Then it was off to a few working Oil Rigs for some of the best diving I’ve seen all year (50+ ft visibility for all dives).

My EPM-1 Camera and Strobe

Excellent day diving; definitely my favorite cold water dives this year (I think diving the Philippines diving was slightly better but its hard to beat 98* water). I take that back these dives were definitely the best California diving I’ve had all year, partly because of the visibility and partly because the Oil Rigs have some amazing structures 20-100ft down along with large schools of fish.

This was my first time diving with Bluewater Photo and Video and my first time on the Pacific Star but I’ll definitely come back. It so happens the best photo I took of all three dives was of my buddy Craig – all thanks to his constant coaching! We need to do this again soon.

Craig up close