Closing the Agoura Office – A Slideshow

It was bound to happen. When we transitioned from Conversive to Avaya, Avaya wanted us to move but after one coworker quit they were worried everyone would jump ship if they pushed the office closure. Now that we are 1.5 years after the transition they don’t seem to care. The few of us that work out of the office have already transitioned to working from home (remote / telecommuting).

I oversaw the packing up of the remains of the office this week on April 21st. Nothing remains but to have it cleaned before the owners find a new tenant. Now for a trip down memory lane with some pictures from the Agoura Office over the years.

The beginning (before and after I joined):

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During the heyday (of the photos I could find):

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The End:

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I didn’t have any main photos of Suneetha or her desk (just background) or of anyone outside the “main crew” of the office like Bob (background also), Jack or Bill. Suneetha and I moved around the most (cubicle wise) during the years the office was around as Jer, John and eventually Matt moved. Good times.