The Best Dive and Travel Bag

What’s the best dive bag? How about the best dive travel bag? Their the one and the same:

Aqualung Traveler 1550 series roller bag

2015-01-25 14.22.46

By the end of last year (2014) this dive bag had been on countless dive trips in my car, on boats and even on airplanes. I would throw it around (nicely) and drag it up and down the stairs to my apartment for storage and cleaning. Yet it managed to survive that as well as two trips around the globe in 3 years before falling apart.

Wait, 3 years?

Yup. If you’ve never owned a dive bag this may sound like a short amount of time but it’s not. One thing you learn very quickly after owning a dive bag is that it’s only a matter of time before your dive bag wears out. Assuming you keep your weights in a separate bag – definitely do this – and assuming you own all of your own gear, you’re still carrying around 20-40 lbs of equipment each time you go diving (weight will vary depending on the amount of equipment and whether or not it’s wet). If you dive once a week or once every few weeks like I’ve tended to do, the bag gets a lot of use. (YMMV)

So what makes this bag so great?

  1. Lightweight (10 lbs)
  2. Durable
  3. Streamlined – no protruding pockets
  4. Lifetime warranty

The lifetime warranty is huge. I first started diving in 2007 (give or take) and since that time I’ve been through at least 3 dive bags at roughly $150-250/each. I must have gotten the 1550 series bag shortly after it came out in 2011 and although it was more expensive than the Akona bag I was familiar with, the lifetime warranty was too appealing.

When we got back from diving Australia in December this bag was destroyed. I decided to test the lifetime warranty claim and it worked like this:

  • Took it into Sports Chalet (the store I bought it at)
  • With a copy of my receipt (have to have it)
  • Sports Chalet sent it to Aqualung who evaluated it
  • A few weeks later they shipped Sports Chalet a replacement and I had a brand new bag

Boom! I may never have to buy another bag again. There’s only one other company I’ve heard of that does this with dive bags and that’s Pelican Products but Pelican’s boxes are made to be indestructible and are extremely heavy. This Aqualung bag comes in at around 10.5 lbs making it one of the lightest bags, perfect for dive travel or storing your dive equipment where ever you are.