Winning the #KaepernickingWorldwide Contest

In July of last year my then-girlfriend and I spent three weeks traveling mostly around the Philippines with a few days in Hong Kong and Singapore. We made the most of our trip to Singapore when we randomly stayed one night at the Marina Bay Sands hotel. (When I say… 

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Our Wedding Day

Captured beautifully in 4 minutes, and fully in 12 minutes. Be sure to check out Our Engagement and Wedding photos from our photographer Anne-Claire Brun.

Grandma Melva Kammerer’s Obituary

A little more than a month ago my last grandparent Melva passed away at the ripe age of 92. Grandma Melva and Grandpa Ed lived pretty close to our house growing up so my sister and I spent quite a bit of time hanging out at their house. As kids up… 

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The Gang and Us

Last night on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia the episode we were on set to make aired. It’s called The Gang Tries Desperately to Win an Award. It’s on Amazon, iTunes and possibly other places. I bought it on Amazon and then cut out a little section: You’ll find us… 

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Grandpa Edwin Kammerer’s Obituary

Four days ago my grandfather Edwin Kammerer passed away after 97 years on this planet. He was a fun loving guy that always had a joke ready, enjoyed walking everywhere despite owning a car and could always relate something back to the farm in South Dakota. I suppose that’s what… 

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On Set with It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

A month ago I was at my buddy Joe’s annual Multiple Sclerosis fundraiser when I saw a silent auction for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (my favorite show).  The package came with an autographed poster, autographed 2013 calendar, DVDs, autographed Sweet Dee bobble-head, kitten mittens T-Shirt, autographed group photo and, more importantly, 2 walk-on roles…. 

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