A lot of the dives I do are with students for classes. When it comes to fun dives I’m a self-reliant diver who enjoys exploring new sites, taking photographs and diving with people who are more experienced than I am. Keeping track of my dive experience is important, so I’ve kept all of my log books from my training dives in 2006 until today.

I have over 180 hours underwater, primarily in the cold water of Southern California but have dove in several countries including Mexico, the Philippines and Australia. Counting the number of dives over time isn’t a great way to track experience because dive locations and situations aren’t comparable so I keep track of my hours underwater (the real experience).

An overview:

  • Blue = number of dives
  • Green = hours under water

The raw numbers:

Year Dives Hours Underwater
2006 20 9
2007 42 25.5
2008 34 18.25
2009 18 9
2010 41 21.5
2011 42 29.75
2012 47 27
2013 38 25.75
2014 9 6.5
2015 17 17
2016 6 5.5
 Totals 314 194.5

A few details:

  • 2014 was an anomaly. We spent a majority of the year wedding planning which didn’t leave much time for diving or teaching classes. The time I did spend underwater was at the Great Barrier Reef!
  • The columns may not add up exactly due to precision and rounding, regardless the totals are accurate.
  • My long term goal is to get parity between the number of dives and the hours I have underwater. In general this means I try to make my fun dives more than an hour long. I don’t think I’ll reach it but it will be fun to try!