A few random and fun things about me.

In college I sold computers for Gateway. Eventually I found myself on the early morning television show Good Day Sacramento helping to answer computer questions for call in guests. (This was a very long time ago and embarrassing for me to watch.)

I always wondered what was under the surface of the water. As a kid (and as an adult) the underwater world seemed scary – so I learned to dive. What I found was joy in exploring things many had never seen – so much joy that I started teaching others to dive:


I’ve been a Star Wars fan for most of my life. Early on it was all about the Jedi and their powers. Then I realized there was clearly something awesome (and realistic) about being a bounty hunter. Luckily I married someone with a sense of humor:

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We’ve had “fun” at weddings:

We spent a day on-set of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and got pictures with the cast members:

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Then made it into the actual episode (Season 9, Episode 3 “The Gang Desperately tries to win an award):

On a trip to Singapore my wife took a photo that would eventually win us a competition and signed Jersey from our favorite sports team, the San Francisco 49ers:

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