Our Wedding Day

Captured beautifully in 4 minutes, and fully in 12 minutes. Be sure to check out Our Engagement and Wedding photos from our photographer Anne-Claire Brun.

Love the way you Lie

I need to get this blog post written down so I can start working on the reports release again. My deadline is today but I don’t think that really means anything. Now that I’m thinking of things to do today: I need to run to the bank, to the dry cleaners… 

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Talking about..

Tonight is our second round of playoffs for our Tuesday basketball league and we face the same team that started our 0-3 loosing streak. Last Tuesday was the first round of playoffs and our first win since playing this team. Assuming we have a substitute tonight, I play decent and we… 

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Less Than Half

“Less Than Half” was the last thing I heard Jer say.. It sounded good. I wrote in an hour space on my calendar called blog time so I would take the time to blog personally. Occasionally I blog for MyTechFetish but I want to make sure I’ve got my personal reflections down… 

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NYC with Markus

About two weeks ago I was in the middle of my vacation visiting Markus in New York City while he was on Spring Break. I booked the round trip flight on Jet Blue for less than $250 and because Teresa lives on 24th and Broadway, in the heart of Manhattan,… 

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I just saw Watchmen at the movies with Erik. It was a long movie, but I was entertained for most all of it. What little I remembered about the comic was refreshed as we watched the movie, which to me says that it was a pretty accurate representation of the… 

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DM Test Reloaded

I took and passed the two DM tests I failed last night, so I feel a little relief to have that study pressure off my back. After finally reading a few chapters of the Diving Encyclopedia, I want to finish reading it, so I will try and do that this… 

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