Madden 11

I forgot to mention that I have officially beaten Madden 11 in my first try on All-Pro. Now in my second season I will try to beat it on All-Madden. I’m also hoping to unlock as many achievements as possible. I’ve unlocked about 33% of them and have 230 out… 

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Tiny boy, little boy, baby boy..

Ahh, I can’t wait for It’s Always Sunny to come back in September. The Nightman Cometh is an awesome episode and I can’t wait to see what’s up next. As of today I have resolved the claim by the Secretary of State. It turns out the mailing was just a… 

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I was checking out Dell’s website yesterday for their high-end gaming systems and someone posted a comment that their high-end system was remarkable but couldn’t play CRYSIS fully. Apparently this game has such stringent gaming requirements that even the best of the best gaming systems can’t competely render all the… 

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  • @chaibizi I get a GitHub notification and supposed to get email notifications.
  • @chaibizi Awesome. Let me know if I can help / answer any questions. Don't be afraid to use the AMA or ping me here
  • @chaibizi Welcome! Always a good idea to ask. That's the way I found out, lol.