Freedom of the Road

Some nights I dream of hitting the open road on a motorcycle, crossing every state, sleeping where and when I need. Then I work as a freelance programmer, tester and general builder of awesome tech. In my spare time I’m a photographer. Somewhere in between I write and explore the… 

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A few years ago I read Leo Babauta’s book “focus”, about finding simplicity in a distracting world. Leo’s also the author of Zen Habits and two blogs on Minimalism. I don’t remember much about the book focus but I was looking at and a few lines about minimalism resonated with… 

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Minimalistic Journey

I’ve been vying more and more for Minimalism, especially since I moved. The next areas to hit will be: The Kitchen My Closet My Bookshelf The Bathroom I just finished Leo Babauta’s The Simple Guide to a Minimalist Lifestyle that I downloaded as a PDF onto my Kindle. It’s a… 

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  • @chaibizi I get a GitHub notification and supposed to get email notifications.
  • @chaibizi Awesome. Let me know if I can help / answer any questions. Don't be afraid to use the AMA or ping me here
  • @chaibizi Welcome! Always a good idea to ask. That's the way I found out, lol.