Review: A Diver’s Guide to Southern California’s Best Beach Dives by Dale Sheckler

A Staple for Southern California Divers

A Diver’s Guide to Southern California’s Best Beach Dives is an excellent reference for anyone diving in Southern California, regardless of your skill or number of dives. Kim and Dale Sheckler have been diving in SoCal for 20+ years so they are able to offer concise and accurate information on all the major dive sites from Ventura to San Diego.

Most of the information available in this book is also available online but unless you print out the dive briefings or get data reception on every beach this book offers the same depth of information in a portable format. There is a great matrix in the beginning of the book that rates all dive sites for visibility, ease of access, ability to hunt, etc. Sites are organized like a traditional dive briefing with some offering underwater maps, tips on photography, while other dive sites have photos and all have a brief summary of their best features.

Also posted on Amazon.

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