What to do with all your Scuba Cert Cards

If you’ve taken a few classes or gone up the ranks in any scuba organization you start to rack up a serious number of certification cards. Each specialty gives you a scuba cert card as does each advancement along the scuba hierarchy.

I’ve got over 14 certification cards including Open Water, Adventure, Advanced, Rescue, Master, DiveMaster, plus a bunch of specialties. I used to carry them around in my log book in sleeves but at $20 each (remember that’s what you pay PADI for each PIC card) if your log book ever get’s stolen it can be pretty expensive to replace them. Of course that assumes you would.

Instead of carrying them around here’s what I did. Frame them:

A trip to Aaron Brothers or Michaels and you can get a frame and frame board for less than $40 (or the price of 2 PIC cards). Then just begin gluing the cert cards to the frame board. Leave some room for your future certifications!

Why frame certification cards? Since you get them by completing classes and showing off “skills” underwater you might as well be proud and show them to people who come over! Cert cards don’t do much good after you receive them; the only card worth carrying is your highest earned level. If you rent a dry suit they aren’t going to check your dry suit card. Same goes with Nitrox and Wreck Diving. They just assume you have the training.

That’s my suggestion. What does everyone else do?